Gonitis is a kind of retrograde disease, usually seen among middle-aged and old people. The clinical manifestations are pain and swelling of the knee joint, aggravation in walking, relief after rest, appearance of frictional sound in movement, stiffness of the joint after long-term sleeping or sitting or standing (which can be relieved gradually after relaxation), mild exudates from the joint cavity in severe cases or even evident swelling due to hemorrhage from the joint cavity.

The symptoms in the late stage are restricted movement of the knee joint, dis-use atrophy, or even inversion or reversion of the knee. Gonarthritis pertains to the conception of obstructive syndrome in TCM due to insufficiency of liver and kidney, malnutrition of tendons and bones and obstruction of the meridians by pathogenic wind, cold, dampness and heat in the aged; or due to production of phlegm resulting from spleen asthenia and migration of phlegm and dampness in the meridians; or due to long-term stagnation of blood vessels and retention of blood stasis in the joints.

Gonitis 1

Syndrome differentiation

Pain, swelling, aching weakness, non-smoothness of the knees that become aggravated with cold and relieved with warmth; stiffness of the knees after long-term duration muscular atrophy; or accompanied by aching or pain of the waist, vertigo, tinnitus and fatigue.